When a Dream Comes True – My First Museum Gig!

Not gonna lie, my first rollout at a major museum has me walking on sunshine!!

Only took 17 years. What fills me with glee is how it’s happening … with an idea brought to life with friends and fellow dreamers. A project that celebrates excellence and fearlessness. And shines light on my birthplace, a city I ran from in my late twenties and returned to in my forties, only to find it utterly transformed – from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. So, next Thursday, June 22nd, I’m raising a glass to my town, to my collaborators and to myself, modesty be damned. Join the party live next week at the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) or watch the show on your own time right here:

Meet Your Makers, in collaboration with the rainbow unicorns at The New Tropic and PBS, spotlights the fearless, razor sharp creative minds that populate South Florida. My friendship with these fellow makers affords me a unique and intimate perspective on their practices, what they’ve done and what they’ll do next. Together, we tiptoe into the kitchen and get a lil taste of the secret sauce, as these artists share their motivations and aspirations. The latest episode features Rob Lee, founder of the wonderful open mic, Speak Fridays. Check it out next week on the big screen at PAMM or hit the link above and tell me what you think.

Keep running at your dreams. But remember to stay hydrated … because it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Other ONGOING Exhibitions – Hit me up for a private tour:

America’s Moral Dilemma – thru June 2017 – Downtown Miami – Historic Dupont Bldg lobby


Best Books Ever Written – thru September 2017 – Northern Trust Bank – Aventura, FL

Smart People Being Smart

Peay Vineyards July 4 2008I’m generally a happy guy. Cute wife. Bouncy kids. Fuzzy dog. So it’s hard to wake up each morning to something like this:

“How does a lie come to be widely taken as the truth? The answer is disturbingly simple: Repeat it over and over again. When faced with facts that contradict the lie, repeat it louder.”

This NYT editorial from earlier this week discussed the remarkable success of the voter fraud myth. Despite being statistically non-existent (31 cases in over a billion ballots), this false narrative has convinced nearly half of registered voters that voter fraud is a problem that justifies making voting more difficult for many (read brown people). While this makes me want to throw up in my mouth and this mass deception is being created almost entirely by one party, I’m not going all political diatribe here. 

The artist Hoxxoh at work
The artist Hoxxoh at work

Instead, to keep me from walking into a Dairy Queen and punching everybody in the face, I will pivot to something utterly joyful. I’m thrilled to introduce my newest project, MEET YOUR MAKERS, a collaboration with the phenomenal editorial team at The New Tropic. 

For each episode of MYM, I sit down with creative geniuses and pick their brains about their process and what makes them do their thing. Our first episode features uber worldwide muralist Douglas Hoekzema aka Hoxxoh. Here’s a little taste (the main event is at the bottom of this post).

Over decades, Hoxxoh developed an instantly recognizable style based on his dedication and fascination with a particular mark and its infinite variations. His work graces the far corners of the globe, and he’s currently painting (as you read this) the largest commission of his life, a 25,000 square foot wall on a gorgeous beachfront high rise. 

Hoxxoh 25000sf wall
Hoxxoh’s largest wall ever. You’re looking at just 1/6 of what it will be.

Through these delightful artist-to-artist interactions I, and hopefully you, are reminded that our world is not just a giant shit-storm of hate and lies. And that our best impulses can and are being put to their right uses by many. And that magic dust is real and is being sprinkled daily by makers and thinkers who cannot and will not be influenced by anything but their own inner compasses. 

Hoxxoh mural at Miami Marine Stadium

Meet Your Makers honors the good guys. The fearless. The heartbeats. Those on an endless quest to express the truth for the greater good, whether that truth hurts or not. We fight the spineless who cheat via falsehoods, paying attention only to their personal benefit without caring one iota for what is fair or just or globally harmful.

Voter Map of Shame
In these dark times when politics often ruins my days before they begin, I am tingly all over to be a part of something solely aimed at celebrating smart people being really smart. 

Hoxxoh Process

Ladies & Gentlemen…it is my distinct pleasure to present to you the inaugural episode of Meet Your Makers!

Fancy Nasty Forever!

Stuart Sheldon

If you made it to the epic Fancy Nasty finale bonfire last Saturday night, hosted by The New Tropic, lucky YOU. If not … next time (we’re just warming up). Many people are calling this grassroots installation and Art Basel favorite an important milestone in Miami’s creative evolution, one whose purity will evoke smiles and hand-to-heart respect for decades. I don’t disagree.  

Fancy Nasty

My name is Stuart Sheldon. I’m both very fancy and very nasty, a fine artist, author, curator, blogger, Build Crew non-profit co-founder and Miami native. I created Fancy Nasty to let both artists I admired and art-lovers, like you, immerse themselves without limitations. Free from any commercial considerations. Knowing the whole things was to be scraped away by bulldozers.  

@stuart_sheldon building Fancy Nasty
@stuart_sheldon building Fancy Nasty

With Build Crew, we fully intend to produce many more site-specific celebrations in the years ahead. More art for art’s sake. So, hit me with YOUR ideas for venues and concepts. And visit me in my studio any time. Learn more about my creative journey here. Together, let’s continue to throw logs on the bonfire of Miami’s stunning creative ascent.

In the Meantime, chew on these delicious mementos of the Fancy Nasty freak show!!!

Come hang by the FN fire THIS FRIDAY NIGHT 9pm. BYOB.
Wall by @Hoxxoh & Brandon Opalka @bopalka


@Typoe. photo by @wyattgallery


t_w_o_o_n_e & NOVE
t_w_o_o_n_e & NOVE collaboration.


@mina_hamada & @zosenbandido
@mina_hamada & @zosenbandido


Autumn Casey
Autumn Casey @litclit_


MSG Crew
Face by MSG Crew


Stuart Sheldon - Wipeout
Wipeout (See Notes) @stuart_sheldon


Jesse Laino
Jesse Laino @real_jesse


Strawberrita Dreams
Strawberrita Dreams


Kelly Breez


Fuckin Feelin It
Fuckin Feelin It


Michael Loveland
Michael Loveland @flyinglovebucket


NOVE @digitalorganico
NOVE @digitalorganico






Benji Cospolite photo by @wyattgallery
Benji Cospolite photo by @wyattgallery


Nove & t_w_o_o_n_e collaboration (right wall). Zosen & Mina Hamada (left wall)
Nove & t_w_o_o_n_e collaboration (right wall). Zosen & Mina Hamada (left wall)


Can I kick it ... @wyattgallery
Can I kick it … @wyattgallery


Andrea Nhuch
Andrea Nhuch @thenhuch


All the Information You Need is Right Here. Mixed media, 2015


@zosenbandido & @mina_hamada
@zosenbandido & @mina_hamada


FN typist
Fancy Nasty typist


Kiss! t_w_o_o_n_e

If you have not already, check out The New Tropic’s wonderful write-up.

The New Tropic's glowing review of Fancy Nasty


We killed it!