I’m With the Banned

The United States of Murder Inc, Acrylic, Vinyl and Paper on Canvas, 96” x 96” 2016

If I Want Your Opinion I’ll Give It To You, Acrylic, Oil, Crayon and Paper on Canvas, 64” x 64” 2016

The Wretched Success of the Voter Fraud Myth, Acrylic, Vinyl and Paper on Canvas, 96” x 96” 2016

You Can’t Eat Green Eggs and Ham in China, Acrylic and Paper on Canvas, 64” x 62” 2016

Shelby County v. Holder - A Small Hop from Disenfranchisement to Slavery. Oh, and did you hear about the Great Sale this weekend? Acrylic and paper on paper, 43” x 33” 2016

Frightened American, The artist’s blood, charcoal on paper Digital Photo by Christopher Irion, 2016

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? Acrylic, Vinyl and Paper on Canvas, 96” x 96” 2016

How Was School Today? Video & Installation: First-grade chairs, bullets, chain 2016

Macaya Gallery, Miami, FL, Autumn 2016

“In I’m With the Banned, Sheldon raises awareness about injustices occurring throughout America. He sees this year’s election season as a grotesque perversion of American equality. As a white man, he says, he embraces his identity and the innate privilege associated with it, and he hopes that as an ally, his work can enlighten these perversions.”                                                       Miami New Times

Humanity’s greatest calamities stem from false narratives swallowed as gospel by the masses: slavery, genocide, out-of-control gun violence, voter suppression. A home cannot thrive when liars are allowed to continually lie without consequence. Neither can a nation. In this war for fairness and truth my weapons are artworks, aimed at the hearts and minds of the gullible and the shameless, lying, mean-spirited people who feel objectivity is something they get to modulate.