About the Artist


(b. 1963, Miami) is best known for his meticulous collage paintings and large-scale, immersive installations with themes exploring language, classic literature and social justice. His 2018 billboard, How Was School Today?, appeared on I-95 for two months as part of For Freedoms’ 50 State Initiative. For this, Sheldon won a 2018 Ellies Creator Award from Oolite Arts, honoring “the backbone of Miami’s visual arts community.” The Los Angeles Times described his art practice as “urging people ‘at a granular level’ to start over, with less fear and more optimism.” Sheldon’s work has been featured at re:publica Berlin, Apollinaire Fine Arts London, MOCA, North Miami, Art Miami, SCOPE and Pinta. Commissions include the Braman family, Royal Caribbean Cruises and For Freedoms. Sheldon created and hosted the public television project, Meet Your Makers, in collaboration with PBS and The New Tropic; it aired at PAMM in 2017. As a 2018 ProjectArt artist-in-residence, he taught art to children in an underserved Miami public library. Sheldon co-founded Streaming Media Magazine in San Francisco and shares thoughts on art, humor and life in his Family Matters column for the Biscayne Times. He spent the past year with his wife and two young sons living in a remote seaside village in Costa Rica. 

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