Meet Stuart Sheldon, Voyage MIA Magazine


Today we’d like to introduce you to Stuart Sheldon.

Stuart, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

I was born and raised here in Miami. Straight out of college, I joined a Wall Street firm and by 25, had become its youngest VP… but that was not the “success” I dreamt of. So, at 27, I pivoted to the MFA in Film Production at University of Miami. I left for L.A. the following year where I worked as a production assistant for Michael Jackson, an extra in The Bodyguard and a chauffeur for Donald Sutherland before escaping to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. I spent 7 years in the Rockies as a magazine publisher and made a TV documentary on pro cycling. At the height of the Dotcom boom, I co-founded Streaming Media Magazine in San Francisco. In the midst of all this, I began painting to heal a broken heart and never looked back. I returned to Miami 10 years ago and was amazed at what the creative landscape had become – youthful, fearless, with just the right amount of lawlessness. It turbo-charged my inspiration and career. My work the past few years has been about social justice. At this very moment, I’m gearing up for an artist talk at PAMM on Nov 7th, where I’ll be discussing the evolution of my activist art practice and moderating a town hall discussion around the question, “How is success measured in activist art?”

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