The People Who Defined Visual Culture in 2018, Artsy


If we were to bury a time capsule filled with vestiges of visual culture in 2018, we would include the work of the following photographers, designers, artists, directors, tech leaders, activists, and influencers. This list goes beyond the art world and into pop culture, internet vernacular, and the wider news cycle. It’s about who is contributing to a more diverse set of voices in art, film, fashion, and beyond. It’s about milestones: the first black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover; the youngest architect to design the Serpentine Pavilion; the first artist to have his work self-destruct mid-auction. And it’s about recognizing visionaries of the past, whose work is imbued with new meaning in our current social landscape, from an underrepresented Baroque painter to the designers of the European Union flag. Here, we highlight the 25 individuals and collaborators who shaped what our culture looks like in 2018.

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