Stuart Sheldon

I have two young sons, smart, silly, inquisitive beings that I consider my greatest creations. My oldest was about to enter first grade on the day twenty six-year-olds were massacred in their first grade chairs at Sandy Hook. I still can’t process a man walking up and down those little aisles shooting each child in the face with an AR-15. How did we get here? Like so many, I believed this would be a turning point for our country. Shockingly, gun violence has only gotten worse since, a reflection of our country’s greater devolution from noble collective principles to fear-based and selfish priorities. 

My For Freedoms campaign builds on my ongoing series of site-specific and video installations aimed at connecting all citizens, regardless of politics, in our collective love for our children and their safety. I believe that, in this fundamental, love-based connection, we can unite to bring society back to a less militant and violent place.

Commission for University of Miami Braman/Miller Hillel Center. If Not Now, When? Latex paint, inkjet print book covers of most influential Jewish writers on interior wall, 98x96" 2018. 

“Stuart Sheldon created one of the billboards, an American flag posing spiralized questions about freedom. To him, it’s about urging people “at a granular level” to start over, with less fear and more optimism.” Los Angeles Times. Wynwood mural collaboration with For Freedoms, 2016

Fancy Nasty - This legendary 2015 Art Basel installation transformed a huge abandoned Miami home into a wonderland featuring 20 world renowned artists. Soon after, it was demolished. Read about it in The New Tropic's superb piece, Let's Get a Little Fancy Nasty


Fancy Nasty -  
Coming To America, Acrylic, antique international stamps, inkjet prints, denim on canvas, 55×165″ 2017

Coming To America, Acrylic, antique international stamps, inkjet prints, denim on canvas, 55×165″ 2017 -  Read the backstory of this commission work

America’s Moral Dilemma, 2017. Do we Fund Ourselves or Find Ourselves? Site-specific installation in Downtown Miami’s historic Dupont Building lobby.
Hunger Games, Acrylic, American flag, inkjet book cover on wood, 12x12" 2017. Part of 2017 London Fitzrovia Gallery exhibition during Frieze Art Fair.
I Adore You Mom, acrylic, book covers and paper on canvas, 60x136" 2015. Commission in which I requested the 10 favorite books from each member in a family of nine. This is their literary DNA. 

We're All Pink Inside, Latex paint, inkjet original poetry on canvas, 70x206" 2017. Front page of The New Tropic - "Back by popular demand for Art Basel 2017, Miami artist Stuart Sheldon brings you LUSH and assembles ten renowned local and international artists. They will create their own version of utopia in an industrial Little River warehouse. Inspired by the raw mystery of Florida’s Everglades, each artist invokes their own distinct sense of “paradise found” as an antidote to the troubling world beyond." 

Like, Really Smart, Latex paint, inkjet Trump's craziest tweets, burnt American flags, psychology book pages on wood panel, 48x48" 2018. Collection of Jim & Shannon Lanzone
Working at Fancy Nasty Studios in Little River, Miami